Terms and Conditions

Article 1: Presentation and location


To accelerate the renovation rate of houses, BV Sustainable Impact (Spinnerijstraat 107, 8500 KORTRIJK, company number 0683.710.636), hereinafter referred to as ‘Impact us today’, provides companies, cities and cooperatives with a website and online platforms so that citizens, members, employees or customers come into contact with qualified contractors.

In this way, Impact us today brings interested parties interested in energy renovations into contact with qualified Contractors in order to realize sustainable renovations in the smoothest possible way.

Impact us today developed and manages a platform and a website for this and is the owner of this.

The website, the platform and the resulting communication take place either under Impact us today’s own name or under the trade or brand name of an Impact us today partner (company, government,…)

Interested parties who use the platform and/or the website are hereinafter referred to as ‘Users’.

The purpose of this document is to define the conditions under which the platform and the services offered are made available to Users and, on the other hand, the way in which the User accesses the website and the platform.


Article 2: Applicability


By using this website and/or the platform, the User accepts these terms and conditions.



Article 3: Quotations and conclusion of agreements


  1. To request quotations, a User must be at least 18 years old and fully legally competent.
  2. Impact us today only brings Users into contact with Contractors with its platform.
    If a User accepts an offer or proposal from a Contractor, only a direct contract is always concluded between the User and the Contractor.
    Impact us today is therefore in no way involved in the contractual relationship that may be established between a User and a Contractor.
    Impact us today does not carry out renovations itself and is therefore clearly distinguishable from the Contractors.
    It is therefore always only the Contractor who is liable for the proper execution and quality of the installed products and/or services.


Article 4: Liability


  1. General

Impact us today makes every effort to display the information displayed as complete, correct and up-to-date as possible.

Despite these efforts, we cannot always guarantee accuracy. A visitor to the website or a User of the platform can therefore not derive any rights from the information on the website and the platform.

Impact us today is therefore not liable for the:

  • Accuracy or completeness of the information on the website and online platforms
  • Possible viruses and any damage resulting from them
  • Malfunction or temporary (un)availability of the website


Impact us today can always adapt, change or supplement the content of the website and the platform without notice or notification.

The information provided on this website and the platform should not be considered as advice of any kind, and more specifically as advice on investment, tax or legal issues.


  1. As indicated above, Impact us today can in no way be held liable or responsible for the proper performance of the products and/or services that a User would order from a Contractor.
    In the event of problems or defects, the User must always address the Contractor.This does not alter the fact that we do of course closely monitor the quality and reliability of the Contractors who are admitted to the platform through various ways.

    In the context of the continuous quality checks on our Contractor base, it is of course useful that you let us know if it would not be possible to reach a solution with a Contractor. This can be done at the e-mail address mentioned under art. 8 or via the online platforms.


Article 5: Privacy


By passing on your personal and other data via our platform, you show interest in possibly having renovations carried out and you wish to be contacted by a Contractor for the preparation of a quotation.

Your personal and other data entered in the Platform will be passed on to Contractors for the purpose of contacting and drawing up a quotation.

By filling in this information and registering, you agree that this data will be transferred.

We attach great importance to your Privacy and handle the personal data and data you provide responsibly. In our privacy statement (which  you  can consult here) you will find more information about how we handle your personal data.


Article 6: Intellectual property


The platform and the general structure of the website (including the texts, graphics and images that make up it) are the property of Impact us today or its content provider.

Any form of representation and/or reproduction and/or partial or complete exploitation of the content and services offered by the website and the platform, in any way whatsoever, without the prior written consent  of Impact us today is strictly prohibited and may constitute a violation of intellectual property laws.


Article 7: Modification of the general terms and conditions of use


Impact us today reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time and without prior notice for the purpose of adapting them to the development and/or management of the website and/or platform.


Article 8: Questions, complaints, applicable law and disputes


If you have any questions and/or complaints, you can reach us at the e-mail address hello@impactus.today.

All disputes and claims arising from the use of this site or the platform are subject to Belgian law. In the event of a possible dispute that is not resolved amicably, only the courts in West Flanders, Kortrijk division, are competent.