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Energy-efficient renovations, help and advice:
Impact Us Today is with you every step of the way

The easiest way to renovate

While people usually only renovate once in a lifetime, we do this everyday. This helps us to build strong and long-term relations with contractors. The focus on recurrence leads to smoother processes and better quality quotes for house owners.


We have developed a fully integrated system to get a quote from a reliable contractor and renovate your house without troubles.




Quality contractor network

Competitive price offers

Energy savings guaranteed

Impact us today in numbers

Households helped to get an offer and understand how they can save energy today.
Types of energetic renovations from solar panels to insulation and heating to ventilation.
Contractors working on daily basis with Impact us today, widely spread in Belgium.

How does it work?


A step by step journey to help you take the right decision

1 Inform


You have seen one of the campaign our partner has created to help you save energy and understand the benefit of renovating your house energetically. Get to know new possibilities.

2 Guide


You receive personalised information regarding your own situation and the renovation you are interested in. Make a more informed decision.

3 Facilitate


Instead of having to look for a contractor we pick one from our quality network for you, based on your individual needs and where you live. Relax, the contractor contacts you.

4 Accompany


We make sure to stand by your side, to make sure you get an adequate quote timely and all the information required before and after the renovation. We follow up for you.

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